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Have you heard about
the word LAGOM?


It’s a Swedish word that means the balance,
such as moderate, enough, just right, etc. and it represents 

simple, balanced life in harmony with the community


This kind of lifestyle prefers a realizable plan rather 

than an ambitious one, celebrating little 

achievements, taking care of oneself 

Learning when to say no, living life regularly
and taking enough rest

Also, with such balanced life,
it prefers feeling they own just the right for their needs
and sets the goal of living in harmony with 

the local community and environment


Thus, it is a similar concept to ‘zhongyong(中庸)’ in Eastern philosophy

that means not excessive or insufficient, impartial, 

honorable, and changeless status or degree. 


Sharing good water together
and filling life with harmony with the environment,
how does it sound?


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