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Float Therapy 

Float in water with a temperature similar to your body temperature 

Therapy refers to a period of rest


Filling a private bathtub called a floating tank with water 

Dilute a large amount of 'Epsom Salt' 

This is the principle that wakes up the body.  


Epsom salt used here 

A salt of magnesium and sulfuric acid, 

It not only creates buoyancy but also relieves nerve pain. 

It is said to have a soothing and detoxifying effect.

In Hollywood, Gwyneth Palthrow, 

Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, and more
global celebrities enjoy bathing 

with Epsom salt very much


If there is bathtub in your house,
Epsom salt that is used for float therapy 

or magnesium flake, or other
can give you a similar effect


Small but great therapy
for your hardworking-self,
How does it sound?

Float Therapy

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