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Lemons contain vitamin C.

Contains various nutrients and antioxidants

It is a superfood that helps you manage your health.

Just add lemon to water and eat

It alkalizes the body and aids in digestion.

Helps protect the body by maintaining the immune system

In addition, skin care, weight loss, and detoxification effects

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Lime is also the best combination.

Put a lime in water and drink it

Prevention of heart disease, control of cholesterol

Digestion improvement, diabetes management, arthritis relief

You can get the effect of improving your skin

Grapefruit contains potassium and lycopene.

contains a variety of nutrients

It also increases the level of vitamin C.

Control appetite, strengthen immunity, recover from fatigue, 

Heart, constipation prevention, digestion improvement, etc.

I think you can get the effect


Calamansi has a strong sour taste.

Contains 30 times more vitamin C than lemon.

Weight loss, skin improvement, collagen production

Detoxifying, boosting immunity 

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Oranges are essential for liver detoxification.

Improve liver function by helping production of glutathione,

It is said to be effective in controlling appetite and losing weight.

Water and Fruit, the Key to Healthiness

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