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Restoring the balance

of life

with pure water


Life Balance Water
that restores balance
of deepest parts of my body
with purity 

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Life Balance Water is
produced in Cheongdo
with a clean natural environment

We do not use heat
to destroy nutirition
or use a filter that is under
contamination possibility


but complete pure water
with Life Balance Water’s
original technology


Water is precious; it maintains life


This is why we put effort to
study water and make
more pure water. 


About 2 of 3 of
human body is
composed of water


And water in the body
not only dissolves

And excretes
waste matter
produced by metabolism

It is one of the most
important element for
maintaining life
with a lot of features such as
preventing a sudden change of
body temperature and more. 


When one loses water 

The ability to concentrate hinders;

Losing 1% of water

Hinders concentration ability by 5%.

Maintaining water in the body
with good water
is one of the
best methods
to focus on
studying and work.


For pleasant skin texture
the skin must hold

10-20% of moisture


Maintaining moisture in skin
with good water
allows us to maintain
rather better skin


So we are
striving to
get closer to
more pure water
that can help
the balance of the body


Water maintains
the temperature of the body
as well as purifying it
by excreting
waste matters


We found that
the more closer we get to
purer water
the more advantage we have
to excrete waste matter
out of our body


So we are striving to
achieve the design 

That is basic 

yet eye-pleasing


with artistic value
that we want to show 

the others what we carry


As the importance of water
is raised these days
we are carrying water in our daily lives


As it became one of the outdoor items
water becomes more than its
basic feature but what
shows and expresses ourselves


Water is essential for
human survival
and such important water
is being polluted


Domestic sewage from cooking, laundry, and washing, industrial sewage from hospitals, farming, factory uses

Marine wastes, various wastes 

Vinyls and micro-plastics


The more the civilization advances,
the more the intense the pollution gets
for the water that we drink


Right at this moment,
700 million people, 10% of the global 

population is living without
clean water


Many scientists are

Working together
to resolve this issue


Arturo Vittori,
an Italian architect
has designed a Warka Water

that uses the condensation caused 

by temperature difference

for Ethiopians to collect

100 liters of water a day


Life Balance Water, too
is studying water in depth
for the better life of human beings
to use rainwater or
river water


and to make the water

to sustain human life


The Origin of
Human Body and Life


reinforces mind
more than just water


The Beauty


my whole body 


The expression
of yourself


Civilization and Pollution
Crisis for the Human Survival






Sunwoo Co., Ltd. 

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Headquarters: 123-10, Jungang-ro, Cheongdo-eup, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea

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